Kellyville Tree Removal and Maintenance

With a Coles supermarket and several specialty shops in the Kellyville Plaza, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for and even compare several different options. In addition, Woolworths and Rouse Hill are just nearby if you want some variety with your shopping routine (especially if you’re looking organic produce).

Aside from easy access to daily goods, Kellyville has also become known for its vibrant and active lifestyle because of the Bernie Mullane Sporting Complex. Even if you don’t like playing basketball, volleyball or badminton, plenty of parks are here for you.

Kellyville tree removal services

But notice that almost wherever you go, trees are always there to provide shade and more beauty to the area. It’s the shared commitment of Kellyville residents, business owners and the Council to protect the trees and other natural assets.

Here at High Point Trees, we are also committed to protecting those natural assets. If the tree of concern can still be saved, we do the required trimming and pruning to remove the diseased and damaged branches. We also do our best to protect the tree from rotting and infestation.

In cases where the tree can no longer be saved, our team performs it properly and safely by going through the right processes. We prepare the necessary reports and assessments so that the job can be done in accordance to the Council regulations. Our team also observes all safety precautions especially when working at dangerous heights and around residential and commercial structures.

Kellyville tree trimming, stump removal, land clearing

High Point Trees also does tree trimming and pruning to:

  • Remove diseased and weak branches
  • Encourage new growth and promote circulation
  • Lower the tree’s height
  • Remove branches that block traffic, view, electric poles and structures
  • Shape the tree for a better look to better prepare your site for visitors

We also have the skills, labour and machinery to completely prepare a site for a landscaping, residential or commercial project. Many of our clients request this type of service to remove the physical obstructions (stumps, shrubs) and bushfire hazards.

To clear the land in preparation for the establishment of a home, commercial space, local council property, golf course or public park, our team does the following:

  • Dead tree removal
  • Shrub clearing
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree mulching
  • Vegetation management
  • Site cleaning

We promptly complete each project so that the next steps will be done much earlier by other contractors. As members of the National Arborists Association of Australia, we perform each job safely and responsibly (proper waste disposal and recycling of materials as much as possible).

Contact us today here at High Point Trees if you want tree removal, trimming or land clearing get done in a safe, professional and responsible way. This has been our commitment for more than 10 years, which is why many residential, commercial and government clients choose us for their tree-related projects.