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Carlingford Tree Removal

Carlingford Tree Removal


Many exotic and native trees in Carlingford hold significant historic and ecological value. As a result, residents who’d like to remove whole or parts of any tree will need to get special permission from the local council in order to avoid being fined.


About the Carlingford Council Tree Removal Application

Here are Carlingford laws for removing a tree:


All trees noted in the Register of Significant Trees are protected under law from being cut down. In addition, residents will need to complete a Carlingford council tree removal form when one or more of the following applies:


  • The Tree is More Than 5 Metres Tall
  • The Tree is Rooted in a Public Mangrove
  • The Trees Inhabits an Aboriginal or Heritage Conservation Site
  • The Tree is Noted in NSW’s Heritage Register


Special Considerations for Carlingford Council Tree Removal

In addition to the above stipulations, if a tree you want cut down is measured as having significant ecological value, the tree removal application Carlingford is usually turned over to an ecologist. See the Threatened Species Conservation Act of 1995 to learn more.


How to Get a Carlingford Tree Removal Permit

In order to get a valid permit for tree removal in Carlingford, simply download and fill out an application form.


Be sure to also specify whether you will be present during inspections, or if a dog or swimming pool is on your property.


To submit the form, mail it to:

City of Parramatta Council

126 Church Street, Parramatta 2150


Note: To expedite the process for trees you suspect have significant value, contact High Point Trees to help compile an arboriculture report.


Application for Tree Removal / Lopping Fees

To help you budget for a tree removal, take into account the following application fees:


  • Tree Management of 1 to 5 Trees: $75.00 Each
  • Tree Management of 6 to 10 Trees: $107.00 Each
  • Tree Management of Additional Trees: $16.00 Each
  • Tree Management of Native Vegetation Clearing Permit: $115.00 Each


Exemptions for Tree Removals Carlingford NSW

If you suspect that a tree is dead, rotting, or hazardous, a permit is not generally required in these instances. In addition, trees within a 3-metre radius of swimming pools, buildings, or carports, can be cut down or trimmed without consent.


To be safe, make sure to request a written letter from the City of Parramatta giving you authorization to complete an expedited tree removal.


Commercial Tree Removal Carlingford Area

Supposing you’re a developer who wants to clear a land. In this event, you would need to submit a regular tree removal application, along with a development plan application.


Replanting Following Carlingford Tree Services

When a tree removal application is submitted, one of the rules of thumb is to replace the plant with another in a better location.


If this isn’t feasible, the council may ask for a financial contribution in some instances.


Make the Right Call

Very few arborists know the Sydney area like High Point Trees. We also have an in-depth understanding of local laws for cutting down trees.


To get help with an application or to schedule professional tree lopping services, call 0412 333 013.