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Windsor Tree Removal

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Windsor Tree Removal

Windsor Tree Removal & Tree Lopping Sydney

Windsor Tree Removal is a common practice for High Point Trees hence respect to trees as essential parts of our ecosystem. Like all other living organisms on earth, however, trees eventually die leaving behind eyesores, or worse, hazards to people and structures.

Even healthy trees can sometimes cause harm, particularly during wind or rainstorms. This is where High Point Trees comes in. We are on a mission to finding the balance between protecting our neighbours and preserving our trees.

High Point Trees focuses on removing trees when it is 100% necessary. If you notice a tree with visible decomposition, act fast by calling our arborists for an honest opinion.

Stipulations for Tree Removal In Windsor

Windsor tree removals or pruning should only be done with a written consent from the Hawkesbury City Council. This is due to the tree protection laws throughout Australian territories, including Windsor NSW.

There are a few exclusions. Residents of Windsor can cut or lop trees when one of the following applies:

  • Safety Concerns or Threats to Life, Limb, and Property
  • Decaying Trees that Do Not Perform as a Habitat to Local Wildlife
  • Certain Exempt Trees or Noxious Weeds, Such as Willow Species, Pampas Grass, and Others
  • Parasitic Plants or Mistletoes
  • Windsor Trees in Emergency Pathways
  • Windsor Tree Removals That Promote Bushfire Hazard Reduction
  • Windsor Trees Running Along Power Lines
  • Dangerous Trees Nearby School Sites

For the first two provisions, you will need to submit a written explanation by a certified tree expert depicting the looming threats suspected. Moreover, a written letter must first be received from the council before the tree service commences.

Stopping Tree Damage Before it Happens

To prevent trees from dying, there are some highly effective measures that be taken to reverse damage and nurse them back to good health. Our Windsor tree removal service emphasises preservation first, restoration second, and tree removal as a last resort.

To get an analysis from our seasoned arborists, call 0412 333 013

How To Complete a Windsor Council Tree Removal Application

If your tree doesn’t qualify for an exemption, simply fill out the Windsor council tree removal form and submit it to

366 George Street (PO Box 146)

Windsor NSW 2756

DX 8601 Windsor.

Alternatively, you can email the completed form to [email protected].

In order to speed up the approval time for your tree removal application Windsor, High Point Trees welcomes requests for tree analysis reports. For a competitively priced fee, our arborists will complete preliminary Windsor council tree removal surveys and attach environmental impact statements, photos, and other supplementary materials to help accelerate the project.

Windsor Tree Removal

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Hire Tree Experts for Windsor Tree Removal – Windsor NSW

It’s safe to say that tree removals should always be tackled by a professional arborist. At High Point Trees, we make it easy and affordable to get rid of dead or decomposing trees on private or public lands.

Don’t spend your weekends chipping away at trees that could cause damage. Instead, turn to our crew at High Point Trees for fast, reliable, and competitively priced services.

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