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Penrith Tree Removal

Penrith Tree Removal

Penrith Tree Removal

Penrith Tree Removal is a commonly sought after service & Sydneys Tree Service experts Highpoint Trees prides itself on its quick and cheap service.

When tree roots spread to utility lines or are at risk of falling over, High Point Trees can help. To save time and hassles, we have provided a few details on this page for completing a tree removal application and staying compliance with the Penrith City Council.

Penrith Council Tree Removal

Under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, the entire city of Penrith has a tree preservation order in effect. As a result, you will need written approval by the local council to remove trees that are 3m or higher. If you overlook the rules, then you face fines of $3,000. Corporations are penalised by $6,000, and if the case goes to court, the potential monetary damages could exceed $1 million.

The Penrith Council Tree Removal Application

Though the rules are strict, the good news is that approvals are fairly easy to get. All you need to do is:

To expedite the process, the Penrith City Council recommends consulting with a certified arborist, such as High Point Trees to complete a two-page report.

In most cases, you will get an answer within 20 days of filing. A duty officer pays a visit to the site to determine the tree’s health and any potential hazards it poses.

Once you get an approval, it is valid for up to one year. And, upon removing the tree, you may need to plant a new one in a more seemly location.

Exemptions for Penrith Tree Removal

Under the 10/50 vegetation clearing clause enforced in 2014, efforts are underway to increase awareness about planning and preparing for bushfires.

The NSW Rural Fire Service recommends removing trees situated within 10m of properties. In such cases, a tree removal application Penrith isn’t needed.

More details are provided on the official website, where an online tool is provided for checking your address.

Top Reasons for Tree Removal – Penrith Area:

  • Falling Trees – The council typically grants approvals to applicants that worry about falling trees. If you notice falling branches or leaves, regular pruning or maintenance could potentially restore the tree to a safe condition. Upkeep also minimises clogged drains and gutters, particularly in the fall season.
  • Tree Roots – When a tree’s root is damaged, there’s a heightened risk of the tree toppling over unexpectedly. In some cases, the council will advise repairing infrastructures vs. removing the tree altogether. Our seasoned arborists are happy to suggest the best ways to mitigate damages.


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Terms for Tree Ownership

Many of our customers grapple with the challenge of answering who owns a damaged or decaying tree. According to the local council, the tree is owned by whomever has the trunk on their property. In the event the property line goes between a tree, it’s considered a joint ownership even if you didn’t plant the tree. Should disputes arise between you and neighbours, a lawyer can help.

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