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Richmond Tree Removal

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Richmond Tree Removal

Richmond Tree Removal

Nestled in the breathtaking footholds of the Blue Mountains, Richmond is home to diverse native wildlife and fauna. From an aerial point of view, you get a glimpse of the outstanding plant life unfolding. Both High Point Trees and the Hawkesbury City Council recognize the biological and aesthetic value of plants in our everyday lives. This is why the city has enforced strict laws governing how and when a tree can be removed.

About the Richmond Council Tree Removal Application

A Richmond council tree removal request is necessary when you want to lop a tree that is more than 4m higher or 3m wide. In addition, if the trunk’s diameter spans 500mm or more from the ground level, you must get written consent before pruning branches or grinding the stump.

The Hawkesbury City Council moreover protects native trees and plants that are situated in heritage or conservation sites, such as Kurrajong or Kurrajong Heights.

Exclusions for Tree Removal Richmond Area

Supposing you have a tree that is on the verge of collapsing? Will you have to wait days or even weeks on the council for approval? Thankfully, in these circumstances, you may be given an instant approval to conduct a tree removal in Richmond.

The local council has at least a dozen exemptions that spare you the hassle of getting a tree removal permit.

In some cases, written consent is still needed prior to proceeding with a tree removal and the full details can be found here.

How to Get a Tree Removal Application Richmond

After reading the details regarding exclusions and it’s determined that a Richmond council tree removal form is still needed, this is accessible on the official Hawkesbury City Council website.

To supplement the application and prevent backlogs in the approval process, submit the following:

  • Three (3) Copies of the Tree Removal Site Plan
  • Images of the Trees in Question
  • A Summary of Environment Effects for Removing Trees
  • A Disclosure of Donations When Applicable

The application can be mailed to

366 George Street (P.O. Box 146)

Windsor NSW 2756

DX 8601 Windsor.

Taming Wildfires – Tree Removal Richmond NSW

Did you know that if your home is situated in the 10/50 Vegetation Clearing Entitlement Area, you could be eligible for an exemption to remove trees that are within 10m of the home – all without the consent of the council?

To check and see, go to the NSW Rural Fire Service and use the online map to enter your residential address.

When to Call High Point Trees for Richmond Tree Service

Without trees, life as we know it would fall apart. As important as trees are to our livelihood, unhealthy trees may cause more harm than good.

To make your backyard safe again, don’t hesitate to call High Point Trees for a complimentary quote with – no strings attached.

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