Abbotsford Emergency Tree Service

Although there’s only a small group of shops on the Great North Road and major businesses and industries have left the area (e.g. Nestlé chocolate factory), Abbotsford is still a good place. Perhaps the lack of commercial activity has made Abbotsford a great choice because it feels home and quiet.

More than 5,000 people live here and they find transport reasonably convenient especially if we’re talking about the State Transit and the nearby Parramatta River ferry services. Also, the suburb is just around 10 kilometres west of the Sydney CBD.

Abbotsford emergency tree service

Sooner or later there will be more residential developments in the area because of inevitable progress and population growth. More and more people will also notice the suburb as they look for a place close to the City. As a result, more structures will be built and some things have to give way for that.

It’s especially the case with the trees, shrubs and vegetation that need to be removed. The land has to be cleared to prepare the site for new developments. Developers count on us here at High Point Trees to do the job completely and responsibly (we recycle as much as possible and we apply environmentally friendly practices when it comes to waste disposal).

Aside from land clearing, our team also removes hazardous trees that may harm people or damage property. We use powerful tools and machinery to get the job done safely. We’ve been doing this for more than 10 years so rest assured that the results will be excellent.

Aside from tree removal, our team also regularly does the following:

  • Stump grinding and removal
  • Hazardous tree roots removal and management (especially if the roots are encroaching on the underground utility lines or the structure’s foundation)
  • Site cleanup and recycling of waste and materials
  • Tree mulching
  • Bushfire hazard removal
  • Vegetation management

Emergency tree removal Abbotsford

We are fast to act and after the job we clean up the mess so you won’t have to. This cleanup after the tree and stump removal is also crucial for everyone’s safety (e.g. stumps and tree remnants may injure children and passersby).

Aside from tree removal and land clearing, residents and developers also rely on us when it comes to tree trimming and maintenance. Trees are natural assets and they have to be taken cared of especially if they add value and beauty to the site. Our team can do the tree maintenance according to the latest regulations. We will assist you with the paperwork and securing the necessary permits so that everything will be done properly.

Contact us here at High Point Trees if you’re all about professionalism. As members of the National Arbour Society and being a long-standing business, rest assured that everything is done according to the highest professional, safety and environmental standards.